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NUSD Alumni

Natomas Unified School District is celebrating alumni in diverse roles that represent our vision of college and career readiness. To explore our growing network of alumni, please follow and visit our Instagram account @natomasusd. To share your alumni story or recommendation to be considered for an alumni feature, please visit the NUSD Alumni web page

Gurmeet Mohem

Gurmeet Mohem
Class of 1999, Natomas High School
Natomas Middle School and American Lakes Elementary

Gurmeet Mohem was filled with joy when she returned recently to her former elementary school American Lakes. Reciting the school song from memory, you would think that she had just learned it the day prior. But that’s just how significant American Lakes was in her life. 

Pea Nunez

Pea Nunez, Inderkum High School, Class of 2013

Following her passion for storytelling, Pea decided on a career in film making after making two short films while a student at Inderkum High School. She knew moving to Los Angeles would be a good place to further her skills in the industry, so she applied and got accepted to UCLA where she studied Cinematography. 

Francisco Sanchez

Francisco Sanchez
Natomas High School, Class of 2013

Francisco Sanchez’ teachers throughout his educational journey in Natomas Unified certainly had a positive impact on his goal to pursue a career in education. After attending American River College and transferring to UC Santa Barbara, this 2013 Natomas High School graduate recently became a new full-time Assistant Professor of Mathematics at American River College. 

NUSD Alumni: Myles Miller

Myles Miller, Inderkum High School, 2015
Professional First Place International Body Builder Winner
ISSA certified personal trainer
Senior, Sacramento State University

Dreams do not become reality through magic but through sweat, determination, and hard work. That’s the motto Myles Miller, a 2015 graduate of Inderkum High School, lives by and what’s garnered him 1st place titles in regional, national and international bodybuilding competitions.

Joe Hahn hugging friend

Joe Hahn, Natomas High School, 2011
Resident Hall Director, Western Oregon University

Joe Hahn, a 2011 graduate of Natomas High School and product of Jefferson Elementary and Leroy Greene, loved college so much that he returned to his alma mater to become the school’s Resident Hall Director. “After graduating from Natomas High School, I moved to Oregon to attend Western Oregon University. I originally wanted to be a high school English teacher, but then I found I loved working at a college,” said Hahn. Prior to returning to Western Oregon, this Nighthawk obtained his graduate degree from Colorado State University. He credits teachers like Kara Pryor and Patrick Crean for helping him to discover his passion for education.

Leah Abucayan

Leah Abucayan, Inderkum High School, Class of 2011
Graphic Designer and Illustrator for CNN Digital

The next time you watch CNN, you may see the work of Inderkum High School class of 2011 Graduate Leanza “Leah” Abucayan. She designs visuals for special news content for CNN and the interface for the CNN mobile app.

Morgan Lau

Morgan Lau, Natomas High School, Class of 2017

Morgan Lau is making people feel good with his scrumptious meals. And he credits his football coach, Ryan Battle, with helping him to follow his dreams. “He instilled in me and my teammates to do everything at 100% even if we make mistakes at least we gave it our all.”

Vince Mayle

Vince Mayle, Inderkum High School, Class of 2009
Tight End for LA Chargers

Inderkum will always have a special place in Vince’s heart. That’s where he met the love of his life- Alejandra Canela and learned from Mrs. Matthews in 9th and 12th grade English the importance of timeliness and completion. This life lesson has served this Titan well. We’ll keep an eye out for Vince this football season and cheer him and his team on. Go chargers!

LaSandra Hart

LaSandra Hart, Natomas High School, Class of 2003

“NUSD prepared me for life after high school because of the college prep courses and life skills courses, like home economics. I also had the best teachers, who really cared and made sure I always stayed on track.” 

Da'Reen Reichenberg

Da’Reen Reichenberg, Inderkum High School, Class of 2007

Da’Reen Reichenberg graduated from Inderkum High School in 2007 and now owns her own floral company, Daisyhead Florals.” I guess you can say I’ve always been a creative person. Color has been a part of my life since I was a kid. NUSD gave me the most important tool for success, an environment to be my creative, quirky, colorful self.” 

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