Broadcast Media Pathway Students Get Rare Behind-the-Scenes Look at LucasFilms

--- Published on December 16th 2020 ---
Emily, student at Inderkum High School on laptop holding a thumbs up

Imagine being in high school and getting the rare opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes experience at LucasFilms. That’s exactly what students enrolled in Inderkum High School’s Broadcast Media Pathway were able to experience as part of a virtual field trip to the Art and Science of LucasFilms event. “It was a tremendous opportunity and so beneficial for our students to get a window into this media production world, see technology, storytelling, teamwork, and how this kind of production comes together,” excitedly shares Melissa May, Inderkum’s Broadcast Media Teacher. 

Thanks to May’s ability to always secure unique opportunities for her students to connect and engage with professionals in the media industry, students were able to hear and learn from professionals that have a role in bringing to life some of our most popular watched productions. “Many students watch the show the Mandolorian that was showcased,  so it was very real and fresh to process how media technology comes together.” And for some students, that is just what they needed to excite their interest even further in potential careers in the world of media. “For some students, this could be a game-changer about what they could or may now want to do and the many opportunities in arts and science, lighting, cameras, storytelling, and directing.” 

Emily, an 11th grader in her first semester of Broadcast Media, says she’s always had an interest in media, and hearing from such a diverse panel inspired her. “Each of the panelists acknowledged that they encountered obstacles in order to get where they are today and also how they are not afraid to make mistakes. I think this is a key takeaway from this presentation, to never give up and always strive for the best,” said Emily.

And that’s the key message for all students enrolled in any one of the nine Career Technical Education Pathways in Natomas Unified School District – to use these pathways as an opportunity to learn, explore, grow, and even allow room for mistakes along the way.  “The hope is these career skills set them up for success in school and after graduation but also open up doors into incredible and cutting edge career fields they may dream of or now see is possible,” said May. 

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Broadcast media teacher melissa may holding up laptop
On set at LucasFilms
Screenshot of LucasFilms