Class Size Overage Forms

For Natomas Unified School District Teachers

Class Size Overage Claim Sheets are completed each month by the teacher to receive compensation when the class size exceeds those described in Article X or the Natomas Teachers Association Bargaining Unit Agreement. Overages must be reported to your Principal in the month they are earned.

User-friendly Claim Sheets are selected from the choices below on your teaching assignment. Claim Sheet templates are preset with the class size numbers and dollar amounts as outlines in Article X. The totals will calculate automatically when entering the total number of students for each day.

Excess Class Size Instructions and Submission Deadlines

For additional information, questions or assistance, please contact Shawna Brown at (916) 567-5482.

Primary Education Class Size Overage Claim Sheets

Grades 1-3

August Claim Sheet

September Claim Sheet

October Claim Sheet

November Claim Sheet

December Claim Sheet

January Claim Sheet

February Claim Sheet

March Claim Sheet

April Claim Sheet

May Claim Sheet


Secondary Education Class Size Overage Claim Sheets

Special Education Class Size Overage Claim Sheets

Preschool All SDC (Programs designated preschool, preschool severely handicapped and preschool autism specific)