COVID-19 Dashboard Update

--- Published on April 01st 2021 ---

Natomas Unified School District began publishing a COVID-19 Dashboard webpage in October to provide staff, families, and the general community with the number of positive cases at our school sites and offices. We felt it was important for transparency to share this information even though it was not required for school districts to do so until January 2021. 

Last month in March, we had lower cases than we had in November and December, even with elementary and secondary students returning to campus for in-person instruction.  March saw an increase of only 2 cases compared to January 2021. Each time we are notified of a positive case, we list it on the dashboard and indicate the last date the dashboard was updated. For your convenience, this is the link where you can always access the COVID-19 Dashboard. 

As a note, we started the dashboard on October 26, so only six days are reflected in the table for October.