COVID Safety Procedures Guide and School Site Plans

--- Published on September 23rd 2020 ---
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We invite all families to review the NUSD COVID Safety Procedures Guide and School Site Plans. We are sharing these plans today because we will begin small cohort in-person learning on Monday, September 28th, for a very limited number of already identified students based on current guidance.  In order to begin these small cohort in-person learning programs, a written plan must be posted that addresses State and County Public Health guidance prior to starting instruction. This plan is posted in each site’s digital backpack and on school websites.  The plan includes district-wide and individual school site procedures.

NUSD certificated staff will continue to provide instruction through Distance Learning and the Non Public Agency (NPA) staff (non-NUSD) will support the classroom in-person while the teacher is teaching remotely. The programs will only service a limited number of students at the following 5 school campuses: 

  • Natomas High School
  • Natomas Middle School
  • Heron School
  • American Lakes School 
  • H. Allen Hight Elementary School 

In addition, along with the NUSD COVID Safety Procedures Guide and School Site Plans, we are also providing school site safety videos designed for students and families.  These videos highlight some of the actions we’ve taken to keep students, families and staff safe while following state and county guidelines for small cohort in-person programs and additional in-person programs when the time comes to return to school. All of the videos are available on our website under the Distance Learning section, and in the Digital Backpacks.

These site safety plans will, in some areas, only address how we handle small cohort in-person learning. As more information and guidance becomes available and we determine future educational models which will include further conversations with our labor partners, we will update these plans accordingly.