Dedicated Teachers Provide one-on-one support afterschool in Virtual Tutoring and Wellness Center

--- Published on January 28th 2021 ---
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NUSD Teacher Mr. Robinson

Building confidence is the first course of action Teacher Patrick Robinson focuses on during his math tutoring sessions offered in the Virtual Tutoring and Wellness Center (VTWC). “Assuring the kiddos that their brains are made to do math well with practice and always encouraging them to keep trying and not give up goes a long way to engaging them,” explains Robinson, who provides free math tutoring for students in grades TK-6th through the VTWC. He is one of a team of teachers working after the school day to support students who need extra help during distance learning. 

From general elementary homework support to secondary content-specific subjects such as English Language Arts, Social Science, World languages, Science, and Math, including AP Statistics, Calculus, and IB Math, the VTWC offers hourly appointments Monday through Friday to Natomas Unified School District students in grades TK-12.  “We have a dedicated team of teachers from schools throughout the district who have signed up to help with the understanding that distance learning is a challenge for some of our students. During the sessions, they can provide that one-on-one personalized support that may be key to unlocking a student’s understanding of a concept or step that they missed in class, or just didn’t quite grasp,” said Carol Swanson, Associate Superintendent of Student Services and Support. 

Jason, a senior at Leroy Greene Academy, needed clarification on some areas in precalculus, so he turned to the VTWC. “ It allowed me to improve on math subjects that I otherwise wouldn’t have.  It’s also nice to get that one on one interaction when it comes to discussing precalculus. It also gave me more confidence and understanding when it came to the subject, as well as tips and tricks to remember in the future,” shares Jason. That dedicated time with a teacher after the school day was just what he needed, and he encourages other students to utilize it as well. “Being able to sit down with someone and not feel frustrated can lead to less anxiety. After utilizing the wellness center, overall, I feel more confident and collected knowing that I have a resource that can help me when I don’t understand something.”

And that’s what Patrick Robinson wants for his students that he supports in the VTWC as well. “Above all, I want them to experience success in our brief time together and to build on those skills that are basic to math understanding and mastery.”

Visit the VTWC website to sign up for a session and to learn what’s available to support you and your student.

Back shot of Mr. Robinson online tutoring