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Business Services

The Business Services Department provides an integral and essential element to the successful delivery of education to the students in our District.

Constituent and Customer Services

Constituent and Customer Services (CCS) responds to concerns and requests from parents, employees and community members.

Facilities and Planning

The Facilities & Strategic Planning Department (F&P) is the District’s internal/external liaison with the public/private sector in all matters relating to land use and the construction of District facilities.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Department handles activities concerned with the fiscal operations of Natomas Unified School District.

Instructional Technology

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to staff and students of the Natomas Unified School District in an effort to support our district’s vision.

Human Resources

Our Department is responsible for recruiting and hiring highly qualified certificated and classified staff to work with our students and our community.

Maintenance and Operations

The Maintenance & Operations Department is responsible for maintaining all the Districts buildings and grounds.

Nutrition Services

During these tough economic times, many families in our community face decreasing income, layoffs or change in living circumstances.

Research and Data

The Research and Data Department prepares reports and provides information to teachers, staff, and leaders; manages student information and district data; and manages assessments, evaluations, and research.


The Transportation Department safely operates and maintains District-owned school buses which provide daily route and activity trip service for our District and other agencies.

School Leadership and Support

Natomas Unified School District’s mission statement re-affirms our goal to make sure that all students learn.

Student Services and Safety

Welcome to our Student Safety and Support

Special Education

Our Special Education Departments proudly serving our Natomas Community.