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Budget and Financial Documents
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 2014-15  2013-14  2012-13  2011-12  2010-11
Adopted Budget  6/25/2014 6/25/2013 6/26/2012 6/22/2011  6/29/2010
First Interim  12/10/2014 12/11/2013 12/12/2012 12/14/2011  3/25/2010
Second Interim  3/11/2015 3/12/2014 3/13/2013 3/14/2012  3/09/2011
Third Interim  N/A N/A 5/13/2013 5/22/2012  5/23/2011
Unaudited Actuals  9/09/2015 9/10/2014 9/11/2013 9/12/2012  9/14/2011
Final Audit Report 12/10/2014 12/11/2013 1/09/2013  1/11/2012
 2015-16  Adopted Budget6/24/2015


Adopted Budget
As specified in Education Code 42127, on or before July 1 of each year, the Board adopts a budget for the subsequent year that shows a complete plan and itemized statement of all proposed expenditures and estimated revenues for the following fiscal year, together with a comparison of revenues and expenditures for the current fiscal year.  The adopted budget is filed with the County Superintendent of Schools.

First and Second Interim Reports
School district governing boards are required to certify twice a year regarding their ability to meet their financial obligations for the remainder of the year and for the subsequent two fiscal years.  These certifications, along with accompanying documents are referred to as the Interim Reports.  As specified in Education Code 42130 and 42131, First Interim Reports must be filed with the County Superintendent of Schools by December 15th; Second Interim Reports must be filed by March 15th.

End of Year Projection (Third Interim Report)
If the second interim report of the fiscal year is accompanied by a qualified or negative certification as determined by the Board or County Superintendent, a Financial Statement-End of Year Projection, reporting data for the period ending April 30 must be prepared. This is also called a Third Interim Report and must be filed with the County Superintendent of Schools by June 1st.

Unaudited Actual Income and Expenditures
Education Code requires a district close its books and adopt the report of financial activities and position by September 15th of each year for the preceding fiscal year.  The report is designed to provide the Board of Trustees and the public with a general overview of the District’s finances and to show in detail through various state reports the District’s accountability for the money it receives and expends.

Independent Audit Report
The audit is conducted by an independent certified public accountant, licensed by the State Board of Accountancy  from among those deemed qualified by the State Controller.  Per Education Code 41020.3, no later than January 31 of each year, the Board shall review, at an open meeting, the audit from the prior year.  No later than December 15, the Independent Audit Report must be filed with the County Superintendent, the California Department of Education and the State Controller.  To the extent possible, the Board’s review may occur prior to December 15 to provide the Board and community an opportunity to review the audit before it is submitted to the local and state agencies.

Board Policies/Administrative Regulations
BP 3100(a); AR 3100(a)
BP 3460(a); AR 3460(a)(b)(c)