Purchase Order FAQs

What is a Purchase Order and when should it be used?
It is a contract between the District and a vendor for goods and/or services. You should use a purchase order for all purchases using District funds.

How does our site make a purchase?
The District “Purchase Requisition” is the form used to initiate a purchase order for goods and services using District funds.

What is an “Open Purchase Order”?
An open purchase order is defined as an order the customer makes with its supplier which contains multiple delivery dates scheduled over a period of time. It is normally used when there is a recurring need for expendable goods. Hence, items are purchased under a single purchase order (P.O.) rather than processing a separate P.O. each time supplies are needed. Many vendors do accept open purchase orders. Each site/department is responsible for tracking these purchases.

Can I order from the Vendor and then process a requisition?
No. All expenditures using District funds must be pre-approved. Ordering directly from the vendor without going through the approval process is a violation of District policy. The District is not required to honor oral or unsigned contracts for goods or services.

Should I send the Purchase Order to the Vendor?
No. The Purchasing Department will fax your purchase order to the vendor. A copy of the purchase order is sent to your site/dept. for your records. If the requestor wishes to pick up the order at the vendor’s location – please note “will call” on the requisition. The P.O. is faxed to vendor with this notation so they know not to ship the order to the site/dept.

Where do I send my invoices, and how long does it take for a Vendor to be paid?
A vendor will be paid as soon as possible after Accounts Payable receives a signed and dated “Invoice” referencing the purchase order used for the goods/services received.

How do I purchase electronic products? (iPads, chromebooks, laptops, printers)
Contact the Technology Department for a quote. Attach the quote to a requisition for purchase and forward to the Purchasing Department. Purchasing and Technology are currently working on a standardized list of electronic products which will be linked to an online ordering website. This website will simplify the ordering process for sites/depts. We hope to have this tool available soon and will update staff when it is available.