California Science Test (CAST)

California Science Test (CAST) And California Alternate Assessment for Science (CAA for Science)

Who tests? Grades 5, 8, 11 and 12
When? April to May
Content tested? Science
Test format? Computer-adaptive (on Google Chromebooks)
Test purpose? From the CAASPP– The California Science Test (CAST) is an online assessment based on the California Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) . All local educational agencies (LEAs) with eligible students in grades five and eight and in high school will administer the CAST operational test. The CAST operational test uses the current California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) test delivery system and will be administered online only.

Who takes the CAST operational test? The CAST is administered in grades five and eight and once to each student while that student is in high school. All students must take the CAST by the end of grade twelve, but have the option of testing in grade ten or grade eleven. Only eligible students may participate in the administration of the CAST. Students assigned to take an alternate assessment should take the California Alternate Assessment for Science.

Description: The CAST is a computer-based test that consists of stand-alone questions as well as two or three performance tasks. Performance tasks require students to solve a series of related questions. Testing should take approximately two hours to complete.