Health Services

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NUSD currently employs four credentialed school nurses who oversee health services at our school sites. Each school site is staffed by a District Nurse, or Registered Nurse, with a Masters or Bachelors degree and specialized training for the school environment.

NUSD school nurses train and oversee the Health Assistants at each site, supervise medication administration, design and oversee individualized health care plans, respond to emergencies, perform and monitor health screenings (vision, hearing, dental, and scoliosis), consult with teachers, parents and others on health and safety issues, act as a liaison between physician, school and students, assist in special education issues, and connects families to health care resources.

In addition to District Nurses, NUSD also provides a Health Assistant who is trained in first aid and CPR at each school site.

Our Health Services staff advocate for healthy school environments, health care, and student success. We believe healthy students make better learners.

Student Illness and School Attendance

Illness plays a significant role in early childhood absences. As parents and guardians, it is important to understand when to send a child to school or keep them home. This infographic is a good indicator of when a child is too sick for school versus when they are healthy enough to attend school. For more information, please visit the AttendanceWorks website.

When is sick too sick for school infographic

Nursing Staff

Christie London MS, RN, PHN
(916) 825-5042
H. Allen Hight Elementary, Natomas Park Elementary, Natomas Middle School

Mai-Chi Hoang MSN, RN
(916) 206-2067
American Lakes School, Bannon Creek School, Inderkum High School

Kathy Phillips MSN, RN
(916) 869-4860
Discovery High School, Natomas High School, Two Rivers Elementary

VACANT, Registered Nurse