Field Trip Information

Requesting Buses for Field Trips

Except when parent drivers are used, all transportation must be arranged through the Transportation Department. If non-district buses are desired or required, they must be secured and approved by the Transportation Department.

Before finalizing any trip plans, please call the Field Trip Coordinator at (916) 567-5494 to check bus availability.

  1. Submit all Trips using Triptracker.
  2. All transportation must be arranged through the Transportation Department.
  3. Requests will be processed and available buses reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Requests must be submitted to Transportation 7 days in advance.

Note: All field trips must be scheduled after 8:30 am, due to daily school routes.

Field Trip Transportation Costs

Transportation Quote: The Field Trip Request entered into Trip Tracker by the school secretary will provide an estimate viewable in Trip Tracker.

  • Time required for a field trip is calculated from the time a driver signs in to do a pre-trip until the driver signs out after completing a post-trip
  • Mileage for a bus is calculated traveling from the bus yard to school; school to the destinations; and vice versa, ending at the bus yard.
  • Bridge tolls are usually $10.00 for buses. Parking fees vary upon venue. Expect these additional fees on out-of-town destinations.
  • If you do not need the bus to stay at the destination, all round trip mileage will be added to the cost of the trip. The Field Trip Coordinator will provide the most cost efficient option in the Quote.
  • Hourly Rate = $32.50 and Mileage Fee = $2.50
  • Be Advised the weekend and holiday rate is $40 per hour, but the mileage fee stays the same.

Confirmation of your Trip: Your bus is not confirmed until it is categorized as Scheduled in Trip Tracker.  If your trip is NOT categorized as Scheduled in Trip Tracker, assume that you do not have a bus.

During Trips

  • Bus drivers are required by law to review bus rules and emergency procedures with passengers before departures. This usually takes three to four minutes.
  • Students will not be transported unless a teacher or coach is aboard.
  • So that drivers may devote their full attention to the safe operation of their buses, teachers must actively supervise students while on the bus.
  • All passengers must follow the bus rules listed in the student handbook and posted in the buses. Adults are expected to be good examples for students by following the rules.
  • STATE LAWS: Adults may leave their seats only to deal with disciplinary problems or when asked to do so by the driver. Students must never leave their seats while the bus is in motion.
  • Bus drivers have authority over all passengers on or near buses.
  • Bus drivers will strictly adhere to trip itineraries as shown on approved transportation requests. Changes in itineraries during trips must be approved by the Transportation Department. Field trip buses may be committed to other assignments immediately following trips or during layovers. Please be aware that if you return late from your trip, bus service for other schools may be adversely affected.
  • Only parents or other adults approved by the school principal or the transportation director are allowed to accompany students on buses.  Unauthorized children will not be allowed on buses.
  • Bus drivers may choose to discontinue any trip and return to school if a group’s behavior is unacceptable or foggy conditions.
  • Video cameras may be used to record student behavior.