New Year in France

Due: Monday January 06, 2020

Please read the article about the New Year and answer the following questions in writing.
Don't forget to put your name and the date on the paper: lundi le 6 janvier.
1. What is the New Year called in French?
2. What kind of parties are organized in France for the New Year?
3. Do French people celebrate the New Year with their friends or their family?
4. What do French people watch on TV on the New Year?
5. What is the typical food for the New Year in France? (please list several food items)
6. What do French villages and towns organize for the New Year?
7. What are the typical French greetings for the Christmas and the New Year?

8. Check section 10 of the article, find the following words/expressions in French and write them down
A. Fancy liver pâté
B. A costume party
C. A variety show on TV
D. Fireworks
E. 2020 (spell it out in French)
F. Happy New Year!
G. Oysters
H. A street dance
I. Bloopers (a show on TV)
J. to party
K. smoked salmon
L. dancing party
M. Christmas or New Year's Eve
N. All our (my) wishes for the New Year!

Please turn in the work to the teacher before the class ends today!
Thank you!