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Class Note - 11/03/17 4 years ago
Test day is complete! We made it through our first Unit Exam. Students are now working on Unit two and should already have selected their next independent reading book. Students have to read 5 books outside of the class reading in this class. We have completed the first book - with a Book Talk assignments. The next assignment will be a written one. Students need to locate a book from the list of books that have appeared on the AP Test before. They can check one out from the library, buy a used copy online, and even check out some books from our text book office. I also have a few copies in my room that I lend out.


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Class Note - 10/24/17 4 years ago
We will be having our biggest test yet on November 2nd. Students should be using the attached review sheet to be ready for the exam.


Class Note - 10/16/17 4 years ago
Quarter Grades are coming out and Notebook checks are due. I will be checking that notebooks are completely up to date this week, so make sure that you or your student has completed that work and that notebooks are left in class on Tuesday. Students should find everything they need for assignments by using the Google Classroom.


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Class Note - 10/05/17 4 years ago
All of my students are preparing to recite a poem for our class Poetry Out Loud Competition. Students must choose a poem from the Poetry Out Loud web site. My requirement for their poem is that it be at least 25 lines long. Recitations should be well planned and interpret the poem thoughtfully. I am using the same grading rubric as given on the Poetry Out Loud web site. There are many resources on the web site to help students learn how to give a quality recitation. Along with the recitations, students should be creating a poster highlighting their careful of the analysis of the poem they chose. The look of the poster should reflect the tone of the poem. Each student has been assigned a day next week to perform their poem. I look forward to seeing and hearing their work.


Class Note - 08/31/17 5 years ago
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