Ms. Christine Stanford

  • Currently 9th grade
  • Teacher-Physical Education
  • Inderkum High School
Girls' Locker Room
916-567-5640 ext 6633
[email protected]

About Me

Hello Tigers!

I have a true passion for physical fitness, as a child I was always outdoors involved in some kind of physical activity and I soon developed a passion for competitive soccer.  Soccer continued to be a big part of my life, but with age my passion for fitness grew to more lifetime health and wellness pursuits of running, weight lifting, hiking, biking, etc.  Additionally, as an Air Force Officer (active duty 2004-2013, reserves 2013-2017) discipline and physical fitness is of the utmost importance, as we military members often find our lives in the balance.  Yet, Physical Education is not just about playing sports and running, it is about teaching and helping children to develop lifelong fitness and wellness habits.  My primary goal is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge that will allow them to see the value of a healthy lifestyle and the benefit of physical activity for the duration of their life. Through the use of team building and cooperative games I seek to make physical education simple and fun, while instilling values such as sportsmanship, patience, and determination in all my students.


High School: Laguna Creek High School (Elk Grove)
Undergraduate: UC Davis
Graduate: University of Oklahoma
Credentials: Physical Education and Social Studies