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Welcome to my class website:

Welcome to my website. Here you will find some information about me and my background. if you click on the “science” link to the right, you will find the syllabus for the physics, CECA physics, conceptual physics or chemistry class you are enrolled in and homework assignments. Why three types of physics? The regular physics class involves more complicated problem solving that is more like the college classes you may encounter in the future. CECA physics is the same as regular physics, but is for students who are enrolled in the CECA program which allows students to begin taking college classes in the 11th grade. Conceptual physics is a new class that started last year. It will not be as challenging as the physics classes, and will be geared toward students who may lack the math background for regular physics. There will still be calculations, but not on the same level as the other classes. Chemistry class is, in my opinion, the most difficult of the classes I teach. It will require strict attention, asking questions when uncertain, and study. Be sure to check assignments for your correct class. Check back often as assignments will be updated regularly.

Bio Info:

  • High School: Houghton Lake High School in Houghton Lake, Michigan
  • Undergraduate College: BS Degree in Geological Engineering from Michigan Technological University
  • Graduate School: MA degree in Education from Walden University
  • Interesting Fact: While in college, I lived in an apartment that was used as a funeral home in the past.
  • Present day information: I live in Foresthill with my wife and 17 year old son. Our adult son lives in Auburn. I enjoy working at Inderkum High School because of the promise the students show. They will try to do their best in class in order to better their lives. I have been at Inderkum High since 2005 and have taught science since 2000.

Courses Taught:

  • CP Physics
  • CP Conceptual physics

Contact Info:

  • Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 3:00 till 3:30 usually During distance learning, virtual office hours are 1:30-2:30 PM on Zoom or Google Meet. Location of virtual office will be posted in the Google Classroom.
  • Room Number: D201
  • E-mail: [email protected]//
  • Phone Number: (916) 567-5640



PARENTS: Do you have an Infinite Campus Parent log in ID and password? This is the attendance and grading program being used in the Natomas Unified School District. With this, you are able to keep track of all assignments and current grades for every class your student is enrolled in. It might help your student do better in school if they know you are watching. Notice that cell phones are not allowed in class. Excessive absences are also a large part of low grades. You can always call or e-mail for updates on your student also. Thank you for your assistance.

Jerry Reinhart


I am in my class almost every day after school for any questions or tutoring help you may need. You will need to come to my class right after school because I don’t plan on staying over in hopes of someone coming to after school tutoring. Once again, this is not possible during distance education.