Inderkum High School’s Next Leader Selected

--- Published on March 16th 2021 ---
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“Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to do something to serve and help people reach their goals,” said Lori “Grace” Strickland, the next leader of Inderkum High School.  Strickland will become the new principal replacing Dan Motherspaw, who after 7 years as principal was promoted to a new position at the Natomas Unified School District Education Center. 

Principal Lori Strickland

When asked what she hopes to bring to the Tiger family, Strickland excitedly shares, “Hope to inspire. I don’t want students to limit their dreams. I want them to think big and for the Natomas community to support them.” The deep desire for others to succeed began when she was a child. Strickland recalls growing up in two different worlds. “During the week, I lived with my mother in an area associated with poverty, and during the weekend, I lived privileged with my father. I saw first hand the wide range of opportunities available when you lived in privileged areas.” These disparities fueled her to go into a career where she could directly invest in people. 

After a very short career in law enforcement and being dubbed, “the social worker,” by her colleagues, she always found a way to encourage and support others regardless of the occupation. “Even in law enforcement, I found a way to give hope and to help people with a plan of action to get on the right track.” Education was a natural transition for her, so she started her journey in education in higher education. There she worked in the financial department, helping people to fund their dream and as an adjunct faculty member. Later, she moved into the K-12 arena and served in a variety of positions including vice principal of guidance, assistant principal of instruction, and assistant principal and learning director. Her most recent position is principal of Westmoor High School where she has created a supportive, positive, safe and healthy learning community that meets the needs of all students.

Strickland is no stranger to Natomas. In fact, she’s been a member of the community living close to Inderkum. When Strickland isn’t working, she enjoys ballet and sports. Her favorite sports are football, basketball, ice hockey, and professional bull riding. She is extremely excited to join the Inderkum family.