Information for Students and Families on How to Access Language Supports

Whenever possible, NUSD classified staff are to be used to provide direct language services to students, families, and staff. These designated employees provide in-person, virtual, and telephonic interpretation services for things like meetings that are scheduled in advance (i.e. 504/IEP meetings, parent/teacher conferences, meetings with administration, etc.), as well as written translation in Spanish and in some cases, other languages.

In addition to the supports provided by our classified employees, the District also provides supports to our families through Language Link. Language Link is an on-demand service with access to hundreds of languages to support our diverse community and is used in urgent situations where classified employees are not able to assist (when a classified employee isn’t available in the language needed, in a time-sensitive/critical situation, etc.).

Please contact your student’s school site or CCS at 916-561-5253 for more information about how to access language support services.

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