LCFF and LCAP Background Information

Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

Attend one of the three NUSD Parent/Community Engagement Nights on either February 4, 11, or 19.  Click here to find out more information.

California is launching the most drastic change to school funding in 40 years, using a new formula designed to give district’s more local control over spending and to push districts to better prepare students for college and careers. This new funding model is called the Local Control Funding Formula (or LCFF).  This change is being touted as one of the most significant California education reforms of this generation. LCFF requires all districts and independent charter schools to focus on eight (8) identified areas for state priority and to look at success through a different lens.  In each of the 8 state priority areas, districts and independent charter schools will need to analyze data and take actions to support the success of different ethnic/racial sub-groups as well as English Learners, students with disabilities and socioeconomically disadvantaged students.  In preparation for this coming change, Natomas Unified is further ahead than many others.  The district’s vision statement that All NUSD students graduate as college and career ready, productive, responsible, and engaged global citizens is in strong alignment with the new LCFF priorities.  Over the course of the year we will engage parents and staff in the efforts needed for implementation of LCFF.

Local Control Accountability Program (LCAP)

Districts Must Set Annual LCAP Goals in Eight Specified Areas. Each LCAP must include a school district’s annual LCAP goals in eight areas.  These eight areas of specified state priorities are intended to encompass the key ingredients of high–quality educational programs (see figure below).  The plans must include both district–wide goals and goals for each numerically significant student subgroup in the district.  To be numerically significant, a district must have at least 30 students in a subgroup, with the exception of foster youth, for which districts must have at least 15 students.  In addition to specified state priorities, districts’ LCAPs can include annual goals in self–selected areas of local priority.

Parental Involvement

Natomas Unified is taking the Parental Involvement component of both the LCFF and LCAP seriously.  Natomas has created a four (4) part plan to engaging parental involvement in setting LCAP goals and budget priorities.  These 4 are:

  • Educate and Communicate: Using Connect Ed, Facebook, this web page and other venues, Natomas Unified is committed to educating and informing parents and staff about LCFF and LCAP.
  • Parent/Stakeholder Engagement: Through standing committees like the Superintendent's Parent Advisory Committee, District English Learning Advisory Committee (DELAC), Special Education's Parent Advisory Group (more commonly referred to as CAC), the use of surveys and other new outreach opportunities, Natomas Unified is actively seeking input on what is best for our students and how we budget for this.
  • Board of Trustees Engagement: The Natomas Unified Board of Trustees have and will continue to engage in presentations and required Public Hearings in the Board Room, reinforcing their on-going support for their Vision, Core Beliefs and Commitments.
  • Natomas Unified Regional Meetings:  As California progresses on it's LCFF/LCAP implementation timeline, Natomas Unified plans to hold 2-3 regional meetings to engage the community in a regional opportunity for involvement.  These should take place late winter, early spring 2014.

Learn more about LCFF and LCAP from these organizations:

Note:  Charter Schools are required to prepare and submit their LCAP's annually beginning July 1, 2015 with annual revisions by July 1 each year.   The following NUSD charter schools operate as independent charter schools: Natomas Charter SchoolNatomas Pacific Pathways Prep Middle SchoolNatomas Pacific Pathways Prep High SchoolWestlake Charter Elementary School, and Westlake Charter Middle School.  For information about charter school LCAP's please contact the schools noted above.