Measure J School Facilities Bond

Measure J proposes to improve all schools

Measure J is a $129 million school facilities bond on the November 2014 ballot that would serve all Natomas schools – charter and non-charter. It proposes to:

  • Provide new and upgrade existing facilities for 21st century learning
  • Build new schools to meet current and anticipated growth needs
  • Replace portable classrooms with permanent 21st century classrooms
  • Over time, decrease the capacity of larger elementary schools – creating smaller learning environments
  • Expand academic choice and parent options by:
    • Improving facilities at neighborhood schools and creating clearer K-12 feeder patterns;
    • Providing an increased number of K-8 options, and;
    • Supporting charter schools with new and/or improved campuses
  • Upgrade safety and security systems
  • Address traffic issues surrounding school sites

Implements 15-year Facilities Master Plan

The Natomas Unified School Board of Trustees recently adopted a Facilities Master Plan that outlines the facilities needs over the next 15 years, which includes improvements to current schools and handles anticipated growth. Measure J follows the completion of a Facilities Master Plan that outlined facilities needs at all schools. If approved by voters, Measure J will be paid for by local property owners at an annual cost not to exceed $60 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.

Why Measure J now?

Measure J is the next natural step in providing the funding necessary to implement the Facilities Master Plan to improve current schools and build new schools needed to meet the growth from the anticipated lifting of the building moratorium. New local bond funds are needed to upgrade current schools and prepare for student enrollment growth.

Measure J proposed impact on Natomas Unified School District

In placing the bond before voters, Natomas Unified Board of Trustees directed bond proceeds to address needs identified in the Facilities Master Plan, including:

  • 21st century learning classroom improvements
  • Student and staff support facilities
  • Classroom upgrades and improvements to enhance instruction for college and career readiness, science, technology, and arts
  • Maintaining and improving school safety and security
  • Energy efficiency improvements and other infrastructure needs

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The Natomas Unified School District Board of Trustees recently adopted a Facilities Master Plan that outlines facilities needs over the next 15 years to improve existing schools and handle anticipated growth. The plan identifies potential projects on a school-by-school basis. Read the Facilities Master Plan here.