Mr. Kyle Connors

  • Natomas High School
[email protected]

About Me

Kyle Connors is an adaptive chameleon thanks to a strong foundation in literature, writing and travel. An autodidact with a propensity for forgiving all teachers who never realized that he could apply his intellect to a niche in secondary education – of course a strong familial heritage of educators marked his path before his recognition of his own free will. 

He will maintain the third person in discussing himself below as required by the demands of preestablished codes of formality in written expression. 

His own travels coincide with his emergent interest in literature and academia, each one sustaining the other, in a fulfilling reciprocal relationship. His educational journeys were formalized in attendance rosters in Austin Texas, hit puberty in Philadelphia, learned of the demands of a balanced social and academic life in Redlands, CA, graduated with a BA in English Education in Humboldt State, then travelled through Oakland, and an MA comparative Literature program at San Francisco State University. There in the J Paul Leonard library he came to the realization that he needed an outlet for the steady stream of humanism entering his skull. Upon recognizing that all information eventually needs an outlet, that the sand bags cannot protect from a large enough storm, he completed a credential program, interviewed at his first school, got the job, and taught for 6 years across all age levels before moving a few hours east to Sacramento. After a brief stint teaching in the town of R---, he headed for the paved pastures of Natomas, where he has found a home and stability, mostly teaching sophomores how to elevate their expression beyond the expectations of a sophomore student. Now entering his 9th year of teaching, he is thrilled to be working with young adults who may also be looking for stability despite the tumultuousness of a global pandemic which has reshaped how we teach and learn.


Please find all resources, course materials, and endless learning opportunities on our google classroom page. Email me directly if you do not have the class code.