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Class Note - 11/07/19 2 years ago
Hello Everyone, Our Google classroom has the syllabus and MYP Experiment packet as well as other assignment materials for recent work. Invites were sent to a home email. The Infinite Campus grade book may list text assignments to read or answer review questions which are from the book at home. Planner organizational points are for students utilizing their planner weekly. Tutoring is available Wed at lunch, but questions may be asked for help in class, after class, through email, or by appointment. Extra credit assignments are always available such as independent study chapters in the text and science Experiment presentations (need Teacher pre-approval for topic) and various additional options such as flashcards. I encourage all students to participate in the regional science Fair see link: http://www.sacstemfair.org/stem-fair.html it is free and I am willing to be their mentor on their project. It is a great opportunity. Individual projects for extra credit enrichment are always available (with teacher pre-approval) based on citizen science projects or other individual projects. Feel free to email me or send a note or call if you would like to meet. Contact me to arrange if you want I can meet before school and also at 11:30 most days and some afternoons that are not already scheduled meetings. A phone conference in evening is also an option. Many regards and best wishes for a positive year together. Thanks for all you do as parents and guardians!


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Class Note - 11/26/18 3 years ago
The class has the assignments in Google classroom. All students have access. I have sent an invite to guardians but if you did not receive it then please email me at [email protected]g so I can send you an invite.


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