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Period 6: 7th Grade Social Science


Zachary Stone

Class Notes

Class Note - 01/30/20 2 years ago
We have started our next unit in class, Unit 7: African Civilizations. There are 4 lessons in this topic: 1) The Rise of Ghana in West Africa 2) Mali and Songhai 3) Trading States of East Africa 4) African Traditions 5) Africa's Future 2020 We will spend roughly a week on each of these topics and have 2 assessments. A quiz on Lessons 1 and 2, focused on Western African Kingdoms, and a test on Lessons 3 and 4, focused on the rise of East African Trading States like Axum and Ethiopia. While Lesson 5 is not included in the testing materials it is important to recognize the state of modern day Africa and discuss its successes, failures, and future. As such lesson 5 will consist of homework and classwork, but no test materials. Please be aware of update to our normal class procedures. Students who have missing assignments or fail to turn in assignments on time will be required to attend the weekly Tuesday tutoring session that takes place in my classroom, Room 212. They do not have to stay for the entire tutoring session (3:20-4:30), but they must stop by and speak with me about what they missed and what they are turning in. Thank you for understanding. -Mr. Stone


Topic 7-African Civilizations (300-1591) Pgs. 305-331.docx
Class Note - 11/06/19 2 years ago
We have begun our second topic of the school year: Life in Medieval Christendom. (486-1300). You can find our current unit plan in the attached link.


Topic 2_ Life in Medieval Christendom Pgs. 60-100 (1)

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