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Class Note - 12/16/19 2 years ago
Study for EXAM on regular and irregular verbs that end in -AR. Know well subject pronouns pg 14 and how -ar verb endings correspond to each subject pronoun. _ AR verb Endings -O, -AS, -A, -AMOS, -AN Know the meaning of each verb in English so you can write a sentence. Example _AR Regular verb Yo cantO tu cantAS el/ella/usted cantA nosotros/as cantAMOS ellos/ellas/ustedes cantAN _AR IRRegular have changes memorize the changes JUgar Yo JUEgo tu JUEgas el/ella/usted JUEga Nosotros/as JUGAmos ellos/ellas/ustedes JUEgan


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Class Note - 11/30/19 2 years ago
Finish and present Unit Project Quien soy Yo? Who am I? Finish 2 handouts describing your personality and physical background with paragraphs in Spanish. In order to have full credit turn in any past work sheets in preparation for project. Remember there are just about a couple of weeks left before Quarter grades, Dec 19.


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