Ms. Katherine Johnson

  • 6th and 8th grade science
  • Science Teacher
  • Natomas Middle School
[email protected]

About Me

My name is Katherine Johnson and I teach 6th grade earth science. I have a single subject science credential from CSU Sacramento. Before becoming a teacher, I studied biology (with a concentration in biological conservation) and geology at CSU Sacramento. I went on to study marine biology (with a concentration in rocky intertidal ecology) at CSU Monterey Bay. I interned with the LiMPETS program in Pacific Grove where I taught students of all ages about coastal ecology. I also volunteered with the Wahine Project teaching young girls to surf. I have two published scientific research articles: one on habitat mediated behaviors of flatfishes in unconsolidated sediments off the coast of Central California, and the other on geological formations found in the proposed Chumash Sanctuary in Central California. I spent this past summer doing a research internship at the Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Laboratory at CSU Sacramento where I studied fish fighting behaviors in male Betta splendens.  As a marine scientist, I have seen firsthand the effects of human activity on our oceans. I became a teacher to inspire environmental consciousness. I encourage my students to look at science, not as a class, but as a tool of creation used to improve the quality of all life on our planet. While content is important, I believe that the best way to prepare my students for their future academic careers and beyond is to instill a strong foundation in scientific practices such as asking questions and defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, using models, analyzing and interpreting data, constructing explanations and designing solutions, supporting arguments with evidence and effectively communicating information. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy surfing, tide pooling, singing jazz and choral music, playing my oboe, reading science fiction, and hanging out with my cats, Zoey and Thackery Binx.