Vacation? I think yes!

--- Published on February 23rd 2015 ---
Student Blog

By Zoya R, Zainab T, Zabeena M

Luxury cruises, romantic getaways, exotic islands, and safari tours. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go and why?

Zabeena M. and Zainab T. said they would travel to Europe!

Zoya R. said she would go to the Bahamas.

Andrea V. – Argentina because Lionel Messi is from there.

Harley A. – Philippines because there are lots of good luck bracelets there.

Aujanae J. – UK because she wants to hear their accents.

Marisa G. – NY because she wants to see the Statue of Liberty.

James T. – Europe because it’s inspiring to him.

James G. – Italy because of the food.

Joel- Chipotle because he’s never been there before!

Jojo M. – Hawaii because it’s beautiful.

Thank you everyone for sharing this with us! Hopefully we all can achieve these dreams one day. Safe travels!