Summer Plans?

--- Published on April 03rd 2015 ---
Student Blog

In 10,9,8,7,6…

SUMMER is almost finally here everybody are you excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!   During summer what do you want to do? Would you rather play outside in the sun or go swimming or would you rather go somewhere  like the beach? I would like to do all these summer activities because it will cool me off and I can have fun with my friends. You also can do things at the same time like invite your friends to the beach or the pool and go swimming and you can have fun with your friends at the same time as well. Personally I like to swim more because it keeps me cool and relaxed. You also can do way more stuff but those are the main things to do over summer. Also you can make a Popsicle, watch TV or go to the park. If you wanted to you could also take a vacation like, the BAHAMAS!!!!! That would be an amazing experience. Take the road trip. Maybe even visit L.A. Visit Mickey and Minnie for me, and say hi.