How To Beat 7th Grade with a little help from your friends

--- Published on April 15th 2015 ---
Student Blog

By: Josephine Chang

Dedicated to M.C & J.H. & A.R., the friends that helped me kick 7th grade’s butt.

What ever you achieved, you probably-no most likely got help from a few friends that would most probably jump off a cliff with you. They would do that, because they believe in you, care for you, and most of all, they trust you. What are friends for after all. This is a blog about my 7th grade year with my butt kicking best friends forever.

It all started in elementary, but I don’t want to make the story/blog too long, so I won’t start it from there. I’ll start it a few days before my first day in 7th grade. All I did was complain, complain, complain about school. (That’s what all kids do, right?) That was until I knew that Jasmine was going there of course. Meeting an old friend is like a big, crazy family reunion, except it’s between 2 people.

First day of school was like… Something that scares you, yet at the same time excites you. School remains a mystery to me, forever and always. Summer break was ending and I was not looking forward to school at all. I sighed dramatically whenever my parents were around and just slouched in front of the tv, watching Netflix.