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Attendance & Tardy Policies

Attendance Policy
School begins promptly at 8:00 Am.  Regular and punctual attendance is necessary for students to achieve academic success. California law allows children to be absent from school only for the following reasons: illness, medical or dental services, attendance at a funeral service, the illness or medical appointment of a parent, and for justifiable personal reasons approved by the principal. Students who are absent for five (5) consecutive unexcused absences may be un-enrolled.
It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide an explanation for a child’s absence. If your child’s absence is not excused within three (3) days of the absence, the absence will automatically turn into a truancy and the Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB) process will begin per CA Education Code 48200.
It is the student’s responsibility to turn in any assignments that were due during his/her absence. It is also the student’s responsibility to obtain any assignments that he/she missed during the absence from his/her teacher.
If a student will be taken out of a school for an extended period of time, three or more days, the parent/guardian must contact the school.  Teachers will provide parent/guardian with the work that will be missed during that time. This enables a child to complete most missed assignments, receive full credit, and lessen any academic gaps due to absences.
Tardy Policy
It is the responsibility of both the parent and student to be at school on time every day. Students should be in their seat, ready to start working, when the school day begins.  When students are late, it causes a disruption in the classroom and impedes learning.
Students who miss more than sixty (60) minutes of instruction a week due to tardiness will have their parent/guardian contacted and will set up a meeting if needed.