Science Camp


More information for science camp spring 2021 are coming soon.
The sixth grade students are invited to attend NP3’s 8th annual Science Outdoor Education Camp at Alliance Redwoods in Occidental near Santa Rosa. This camp is an incredible opportunity to experience science and adventure education in the outdoors! Camp provides initiative and team building activities, challenge courses and other day and night activities for learning. Some of these activities include rock-wall climbing, zip-lining, and nature and environmental classes. While we hope all students will be part of this fantastic experience, attendance is not mandatory. Students choosing not to attend camp are required to attend school as normal. 
Camp details include: 
  • Length of stay is three days-two nights. Departure from NP3 campus is Monday, May 11th and arrival back to campus is Wednesday, May 13th
  • Busses transport all students, chaperones and teachers to and from the location.
  • Three meals per day are provided by Alliance Redwoods. Special dietary arrangements can be made for your child, if needed. Special dietary arrangements are $18 per student (this fee includes special arrangements for all meals).
  • A nurse is present and on site, 24-7.
  • Regular cost for camp is $283 per student. The fees include transportation, regular meals, activities and classes. Cost for camp for students requesting special dietary arrangements is $301
We are asking for your support: 
  • Support us as an organizer of, participant of, or contributor to, any and all fundraisers. See sign-up sheet for volunteer details.
  • Come enjoy camp first-hand with us and act as a chaperone! Camp requires about 10 male and 10 female chaperones. We accept requests on a first-come-first-serve basis which are monitored by Advisors. Please note: all chaperones need to be cleared by NUSD volunteer process. Please also expect to supervise seven students at all times for the whole duration of camp. Minimum language and communication skills is a must. Also, be aware that some physical fitness is required! Daily hikes are about one to two miles on fairly steep terrain.
  • The goal is to collect all financial contributions by the end of the second quarter (December 2019). Feel free to spread out contributions on a monthly basis if needed. While cash is accepted, checks and money orders are preferred and should be made out to: NP3 Boosters. 


Additional information regarding travel, packing list, and more will be shared with you as we approach the departure date. The information will also be available on the NP3 MS website and on the Alliance Redwoods website: