Student Blog

Stephen Curry crosses Chris Paul

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors did Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers bad. When we mean bad, we mean bad. Stephen Curry went in for a layup but decided to go out because there were too many […]

Game Consoles

By: The Bio-Hazard Squad Ps4: Ps4 is owned by Sony. There are lot of cool games on it you can play.They have exclusive games like Uncharted 4A Thief’s End, Bloodborne and The Order 1886. It has a low ride design. […]

What we love about advisory

NP3 is unique in so many ways. One thing that we have that many other schools do not is an advisory program. Advisory can be defined as a fun, collaborative environment that fosters safety and community. Below are the many […]

Summer Plans?

In 10,9,8,7,6… SUMMER is almost finally here everybody are you excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!   During summer what do you want to do? Would you rather play outside in the sun or go swimming or would you rather go somewhere  like the beach? […]

The Movies

by Josephine C After a stressful week full of school and home work, wouldn’t you just want to sit down and enjoy a nice movie? Like at the movie theater for instance. 3D glasses and a bucket of buttery popcorn […]

NFL Awards

by Joseph M, Brandon P, Parris T There are going to be many awards given to the best NFL players. Here are some players who we think will take home the NFL’s biggest trophies. Best coach- Bruce Arians of the […]

Mazerunner: A book Review

by Hania A James Dashner has done it again! His brilliant mind created the Maze Runner. On October 6, 2009 the book came out soon falling into the release of the movie on September 19, 2014. Stop!!!  Before you do […]

Quarterback Blog

By The Bio-Hazard Squad: Dustin Brady, Bibilly Bob, Jim Mcmahon, Car Jack, Skipper Shelton. Tom Brady: Now currently the worlds best quarterback in NFL history.The winner of 4 rings and now 4 TROPHIES.Just this current season he has beaten Joe […]

Vacation? I think yes!

By Zoya R, Zainab T, Zabeena M Luxury cruises, romantic getaways, exotic islands, and safari tours. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go and why? Zabeena M. and Zainab T. said they would […]