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Class Note - 09/04/15 5 years ago
Please see the assignments tab above for more info about the class.


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Week of Sept 7th to 11th Due: Saturday September 12, 2015
Focus: This week, we'll be reading example myths, while emphasizing how to analyze characterization, theme, and symbolism.
Assessments: See the post below about the upcoming revision day. Students will get their personal narratives back this week, and have the option to revise through Friday.
Thursday night: Update: this homework is postponed until next week: Research three gods/goddesses from different cultures and fill in what you learn about their background and their symbols. Due Tuesday.


Students are writing a personal narrative about a choice they made in their lives. They should describe the choice, the consequences of the choice, and reflect on the lesson learned.
While students may have finished their final drafts already, anybody who receives a 1 or 2 has the opportunity to revise for a higher grade.


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