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Pre-AP English 8


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Week of September 14th - September 18th Due: Sunday September 20, 2015
Focus: Students will be revising and editing their narratives. Students will have in class time to write final drafts Wednesday through Friday. The report card will reflect students rough draft scores from this week.

Assessment: Summative Assessment: Hero's Journey Narrative, final draft and work packet due Friday the 18th.

Monday: Any late drafts due ASAP
Tuesday:Any late drafts due ASAP
Wednesday: Work on typing, if needed
Thursday: Work on typing, if needed
Friday: Any late packets due ASAP


Week of September 8th - September 11th Due: Sunday September 13, 2015
Focus: Students will draft the Initiation and Return Stage of their Hero's Journey Narrative (Assessment). Students will be formatively assessed throughout the week based on drafts.

Assessments: Students will be working on their rough drafts for their EA 1-1. Drafts will be used as formatives throughout the week.

Tuesday - Decide on your Boon (Wednesday)
Wednesday - Draft should be completed through the Boon, if needed
Thursday - Draft, if needed
Friday - Unfinished rough drafts, due ASAP


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