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Week of September 14 Due: Saturday September 19, 2015
We will be taking our first Summative assessment on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will start Order of Operations and will work on Expressions and Equations for the rest of the week. .

Monday: Prepare for Assessment (review practice assessment and classwork)

Tuesday: No HW

Wednesday: p53, 10-12

Thursday: p57, 7-8

Friday: No HW


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Week of September 7 Due: Saturday September 12, 2015
This week we will be taking a practice summative assessment on Unit 1. It covers operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) with rational number (fractions, decimals, and integers). We will review before the practice assessment and spend the rest of the week reviewing before the actual summative next week.

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Complete Lesson 2 & Lesson 3 Packet

Wednesday: No HW

Thursday: Practice Assessment Corrections

Friday: No HW


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