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Class Note - 09/08/15 5 years ago
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Week of September 8th Due: Saturday September 12, 2015
FOCUS: Students will learn about how agriculture led to important changes in daily life in the Neolithic Age from how it was like in the Paleolithic age of hunting-gathering. They will be able to describe changes in shelter, communities, jobs and trade as a result of agriculture.

ASSIGNMENTS: Students will participate in guided reading and note-taking where the focus is identifying main idea and supporting it with textual evidence. They will also be expected to complete a study guide for the summative assessment. Lastly, students will experience cave art by candle light in the classroom on Friday! They will recreate cave art scenes by candle light while listening to real cave sounds like running water, thunder, rain and even bats!

ASSESSMENTS: On Thursday, September 10th, students will take a short "multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank summative" on the concepts related to Chapter 3: "From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers." A study guide will be passed out on Tuesday in class. You can access it online by clicking the attachment below.


Ch. 3 Invention of Agriculture Study Guide
Week of August 31st Due: Saturday September 05, 2015
Focus: This week we are wrapping up our study of the five groups of hominids for our Early Humans unit. Students will have a Summative Assessment for Early Humans this Wednesday. The rest of the week, we will begin the second portion of the Early Humans unit, which focuses on the important shifts for mankind that occurred during the change between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. Assignment: Students reviewed Early Humans material in class on Monday and Tuesday. Assessment:


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