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Week of September 14th Due: Sunday September 20, 2015
FOCUS: This week students will begin to study our new unit, Ancient Sumer. Learning will focus on how geographical challenges lead to the rise of city-states in Ancient Mesopotamia. They will study the Tigris Euphrates River system and then analyze geographic problems to describe how Mesopotamians modified their environment to solve their problems. Finally, students will explain how the development of agricultural techniques, such as irrigation systems, led to the emergence of city-states. ASSIGNMENTS: Students will be expected to complete vocabulary and reading notes in class in their chapter packet. We generate answers together in class to practice the skill of finding main ideas and supporting them with textual evidence. Students should make edits and additions to their notes as necessary during review. To support the curriculum, students will analyze visual images and listen to recordings as springboards for discussion. All recordings focus on problems ancient Sumerians encountered and students will discuss possible solutions. Problem A: Food shortages in the hills. Problem B: Uncontrolled water sin the river valley. Problem C: Building and maintaining a complex irrigation system. Problem D: Attacks by neighboring communities. ASSESSMENTS: Multiple Choice Formative Assessment on Chapter 4 Friday. This is a check for understanding, not a culminating test.


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Early Humans Jeopardy Game Due: Friday September 11, 2015
Early Humans Jeopardy Game link is below.


Week of September 8th Due: Saturday September 12, 2015
FOCUS: Students will learn about how agriculture led to important changes in daily life in the Neolithic Age from how it was like in the Paleolithic age of hunting-gathering. They will be able to describe changes in shelter, communities, jobs and trade as a result of agriculture. ASSIGNMENTS: Students will participate in guided reading and note-taking where the focus is identifying main idea and supporting it with textual evidence. They will also be expected to complete a study guide for the summative assessment. Lastly, students will experience cave art by candle light in the classroom on Friday! They will recreate cave art scenes by candle light while listening to real cave sounds like running water, thunder, rain and even bats! ASSESSMENTS: On Thursday, September 10th, students will take a short "multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank summative" on the concepts related to Chapter 3: "From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers." A study guide will be passed out on Tuesday in class. See attachment to access it.


ch 3 study guide
Week of August 31st Due: Saturday September 05, 2015
FOCUS: Our study of Early Hominids continues this week as we look at how daily lives changed from hunter/gatherers in the Paleolithic Age to farming in the Neolithic Age. ASSIGNMENTS: Students should have worked on the assessment study guide over the weekend and Monday in class. They will participate in a hunter/gatherer simulation on Wednesday to experience "survival" and the pros and cons of group work and availability of resources. ASSESSMENT: Early Hominids Summative Assessment on Tuesday, September 1st.


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