Mr. Luis Larin

  • 7th Grade
  • Social Studies Teacher
  • NP3 Middle School
(916) 567 5740 Ext. 6259

About Me

Hello parents and students. As I enter my third year at NP3 Middle School I am extremely excited to say that I know this year will be even better than last year. We are looking at how we can improve our school experience for students and parents. As a history teacher I enjoy continuously learning more about what I am studying and how to improve that experience for my students. I am looking forward to starting this year on a positive note and working with students to make sure they are successful.

I am also looking to forming bonds with this new set of students that I know are prepared or can be pushed to do their best work this year. One of my favorite parts of this school is that we have an advisory where I get to meet about 25 of my students a second time and talk about things that are not history specific, but mean a lot to students. I know this year will be awesome and hope that your son or daughter will see it as a great year.

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