All my Single Ladies

by Lily, Anika, and Ashlynn Who’s excited for Valentines day? I bet you already have a boo for that special day. Well, this is for the ladies who are single and don’t have anything to do on that special day. […]

Get to know mr. biedel

by Crystal M and Kristina A There are a lot of things you may not know about one of our amazing 8th grade teacher, Mr.Bidel. Some people may say they do, but are they sure? Do they know him very […]

Middle School Memories

by Janice S. People, you’ve been in that place of life. You’ve changed.  I’ve changed.  It was always fun; maybe sometimes boring,  But overall it is changing from lazy to responsible! You learn from it and you use it as the […]

A Mother’s Day Poem

by Josephine C. Mothers are better known as moms to their children. Five adjectives to describe moms are awesome, caring, loving, stern, and etc. I’m an artistic person, so I will write a poem to my mom and to all […]


We all know technology is what we go on these days. What if one day you happend to be bored and you need to download a fun app? The best way to find one is to keep reading and find […]

Super Bowl Sunday!

The Super Bowl is a football game that is played to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It’s awarded to every team who has won the championship. This year’s Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLIX) is taking place at the University of […]

Ms. Yates, New 6th Grade Science Teacher!

Ms.Yates is the new 6th Grade Science Teacher. And although we love and miss Ms. Sparks, we wanted to welcome her! The first question we  asked was,”Why did you come to Np3?” she replied, “Because there was an opening and […]

Get to Know Ms. Sakanari

Ms.Sakanari is an 8th grade teacher who also teaches intervention and advisory. She enjoys teaching at NP3. She says “the teachers are really cool”. When Ms.Sakanari was a kid she enjoyed door bell ditching, prank calls, gymnastics, and spending time […]

Shows from when we were younger…

Hi guys my name is Armanr and I will be working with my friends while making this blog.  As you can see in the title we will be  talking about tv shows that were awesome when we were kids.  Zach: […]


by Lily B and Anika H What does a perfect world mean to you? In the 8th grade’s English classes we are discussing what a perfect world looks like for us, and if one will ever exist. The word for […]