Class Note – 03/24/20

Distance Learning: For your young scientist to keep exploring the world around them during this period of time, all resources will be made available to them in their Google Classroom Page. Each Week will have a focus, and a Menu of what should be completed using those resources and what to submit.

Each Friday there will be a quick “Google Form” Summary (Think Khan Academy) which will assess their knowledge of their mini-quests.

If your student needs paper copies of things, they will be printed at the office and ready by Mondays for pick up only.
For Class, if your student has pens, pencils, and a blank note book. That will cover 90% of what they will need. If something does have a paper component, I will send out communication, so that you can try to pick it up. If you are unable to do so, Do not worry. There will be attachments for your student to trace or free draw at home.

Our Grade Level Office Hours will be from 9-10 am. All 7th grade teachers will be available at this time for email and online platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet. I will most likely be using Google Meet since it is very abundant. I am also available by phone as well. If you wish to talk to me by phone or your student, please email me first, as this way I can set-up a time to contact you.