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Powerschool for Parents


PowerSchool is a web-based student information system. Teachers and other staff members are able to update student information, available to view by parents and students.

If your username and password are misplaced, please contact Jen Bell at the front office (916) 567-5740.



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Scoring on PowerSchool:

NP3 uses PowerSchool as one of the ways to communicate student progress. PowerSchool can be accessed online and will show different categories and assignments followed by scores. The categories may include participation, class work, homework, and various assessment scores. Although class work, homework and participation scores will appear on PowerSchool, they will not be calculated into final scores. Math will use number correct out of total possible to show accuracy (i.e., 3/10) and other classes will use either a 1 (completed) or a 0 (not completed). The purpose of sharing these scores is to communicate completion. Assessment scores will range from a rubric score of 1 through 4. A formative assessment score is not calculated into the final grade, a summative assessment score is calculated into the final grade.
Note: Because PowerSchool does not use rubric scores, NP3 uses a system to translate scores to percentage to best represent information. Please keep in mind the rubric scores best represent student progress.