Pirate Clubs


Clubs on Campus

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediators are an important part of our school. Peer Mediators are 8th grade representatives of our school who thrive to help other students. Peer Mediators work hard to help other students resolve conflicts, to be a positive influence on campus, to grow their leadership skills and to help improve our school climate! Our 8th grade Peer Mediators have been trained to help 6th grade students work through any conflicts they may be having, whether it’s a student here at school or something they are going through at home.

Gardening Club

Gardening club is an introduction and exploration to personal home gardens. Students will physically maintain and manage planting cycles, watering, and fertilization of plants in an on-campus garden. Our goal is to grow one vegetable each season, focusing on its nutrient values. We will also explore sustain ability, specifically generating our own compost for fertilization.

Food Club

Food Club is the perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures through their food! Students are asked to cook and taste cuisines from different areas of the world in an environment set up for appreciation. Food Club is done on a drop – in basis, and a sign is posted each week letting students know what the next week’s food is. To participate, students have to bring food for that week! Food needs to be cooked at home, but we can reheat at school or it can be dropped off hot. Food can be purchased or made. The Food Club will meet Tuesdays at lunch.

Film Club

Do you like watching AND discussing movies? Then Film Club is for you! In film club, students will focus on a different genre of film each quarter and discuss and analyze the differences between films of the same genre. Students will not just be watching films, but discussing and analyzing films. All students who join film club must have a permission slip from their parents stating that they may watch PG and PG-13 movies. Club meetings will be on Wednesdays at lunch.

Comic Book Club

Bam! Pow! Kabloom! The Comic Book Club is for comic book enthusiasts from grades 6-8. We meet to read, share, and talk about comic books, somewhat like a book club would. We will be judging comic books based on artwork and storyline in order to determine (in a sweet 16 style bracket) which one is best. Come join us on Wednesdays at lunch. Please leave all Kryptonite outside the class.

Alliance Club

Alliance Club is a gathering of students from all different backgrounds who wish to help improve our school culture and continue to make it a positive, safe place to be. In this club students will explore ways to prevent bullying on our campus and brainstorm ideas on how to create a safe space for our peers. Meetings will be held the first and third Tuesday of every month until the end of the year.

Anime Club

Anime Club meets every Friday. The goal of this club is to explore Japanese culture through animation, graphic novels and manga.