Counseling Services


NP3 Counseling

Services Provided

  • Meet with faculty, staff, parents, and students;
  • Assist teachers with parent-team conferences, parent-teacher conferences, provide to teachers and parents records of student’s achievement, social and emotional development, and consult with teachers and parents as needed;
  • Assist students with academic, social and personal issues;
  • Attend Student Support/Study Team (SST) and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings



Each quarter our counselors prepare important and good-to-know information for parents, students and the community! These quarterly newsletters will also come attached to one of the weekly e-mails you receive from your student’s advisor.


ATS Testing

The Academic Talent Search (ATS) Qualifying Exam will be offered at NP3 Middle School on February 4, 2015. Students who take this test automatically qualify for the ATS Summer Program at Sacramento State. There is no obligation to apply; taking the test simply gives students the opportunity to attend unique, fun, and interactive courses. Click here to read about the ATS exam and click here to sign up to take the test!

Visit a Counselor

  • Self-Referral
  • Referral from parent or teacher
  • Call or drop in
  • Students can fill out the “I would like to see a counselor” slip found in all teachers classrooms.


California College Info

Important information from the California Community Colleges, CSU’s and UC’s for Middle School students. Click here.

Additional Resources

Bullying: NP3 has a zero tolerance policy on bullying and works hard in teaching and practicing prevention of bullying on campus. Click here to learn more about how NP3 addresses bullying.

Resources: Local resources are available for further information and support. Click here to view.

Peer Mediation: 8th grade Peer Mediators can help 6th grade students learn to problem solve with mediation. Click here to read about our Peer Mediation program and get a referral form!

College Visits: It’s never too early to introduce your children to college life. We have created a cheat sheet for you to use when looking at scheduling campus tours at our local colleges! Click here to access the information!


Counselor Contact Information

Students with last name starting with A – L

Counselor: Taniia Edwards


Phone: 916-567-5746


Students with last name starting with M – Z

Counselor: Allyson Parr


Phone: 916-567-5751