NUSD Statement Regarding 9/1/21 Board Meeting

--- Published on September 02nd 2021 ---

Last night’s Board meeting obviously came to a disappointing but necessary end. There were legitimate safety reasons why the meeting ended abruptly. Staff and Board Members were sent numerous vicious threats, and reports of conversations overheard in the meeting about threats and possible violence during the meeting itself.  Some of those threats have extended to their family members. Most disappointing is that these threats have also spilled over to some of our student groups and students.

Today, a contingency of Ed Center representatives, representatives from District 1 – Councilmember Ashby’s Office, and parents leaders spent parts of the day on the Inderkum High School campus.  It is clear that those with differing political views are being targeted.  Our Natomas community can embrace its diversity of ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds and peacefully, respectfully recognize our individual freedoms.  NUSD followed the initial steps of due process, moving swiftly to determine beyond what was seen of the teacher in the video, and what if any policies or laws were broken.  After two days of investigation, swift action was needed, and it was taken.

To those who live within our community, please do not let people outside of Natomas destroy the efforts we have made to create a place where we enjoy living and raising our children.  We need to ensure that the safety and well-being of our students remain front and center.   Please utilize Constituent and Customer Service or by phone at (916) 561-5253 (there is a 24 hour a day answering service) to seek assistance when you have a concern.  To those affected by the combination of the stress of the pandemic, this past week, or for any other reasons… please use this Social-Emotional Support referral system