Office of the Chief Academic Officer

Office of the CAO

Connecting Services to Our Learning Community

The Office of the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) is a team of staff committed to providing integrated support to our students, families and staff–our “learning community”. We work with school sites and families to implement training, programs, services and opportunities intended to encourage student growth and achievement. We believe that it is our responsibility to focus on supporting all NUSD students to graduate as college and career ready, productive, responsible, and engaged global citizens. We believe that through an integrated approach to providing service, we promote more effective practices within our office, district and community.

Below is a list of areas that we support. Each area will take you to information and/or resources. In addition, for each area we support, you will find relevant contact information if you need more assistance.

Adult Education

Adult Education exists to eliminate barriers and enhance opportunities for students’ lifelong growth in their academic, professional and personal endeavors. Learn more about Adult Education in NUSD.

Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) enables willing and academically prepared students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. The program consists of college-level courses developed by the AP Program. Taking AP courses and exams can help students: Stand out on college applications. AP courses on a student’s transcript show that they’ve challenged themselves with the most rigorous courses available to them. And success on an AP Exam shows that they’re ready for college-level coursework. Earn college credit and/or skip introductory courses in college. Most four-year colleges and universities grant students credit, placement, or both for qualifying AP Exam scores.

Learn more about AP Capstone.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Regardless of their life circumstances, AVID students overcome obstacles and achieve success. They graduate and attend college at higher rates, but more importantly, they can think critically, collaborate, and set high expectations to confidently conquer the challenges that await them. Learn more about AVID in NUSD.

Alternative School of Choice

Larry G. Meeks (Virtual) Academy provides our families with an additional school option, this one virtually.  The academy allows students to engage in a virtual (online) instructional model for grades K-8 and/or a virtual (online) independent study / in-person instructional model for grades 9-12.


NUSD is proud to invest in extracurricular activities for students of all ages. From sports teams at the elementary level competing in a local district league to high school athletic teams vying for state championships, there are so many ways for students to be connected even more to their schools. Learn more about athletics in NUSD.

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Career Technical Education prepares students for lifelong skills.

Natomas Unified School District offers an array of Career Technical Education pathways at our high school sites. CTE pathways enable students to gain knowledge and experience through career-themed courses and pathways to help prepare them for options in both higher education and careers. All NUSD CTE pathways allow students to meet graduation requirements, UC/CSU ‘a-g’ requirements, and some even provide students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. Learn more about the 9 different CTE “career clusters” represented in NUSD schools.

College and Career Access and Readiness

Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of not only preparing students for success with further education, but for advancement in careers. Learn more about what college and career readiness means in NUSD.

District Events

We strive to engage our families and community in a variety of ways. Don’t forget to check our your student’s school events calendar at their school website as well. Learn more about events in NUSD.

Early Learning

In many ways, “early learning” can catapult students to higher achievement and overall success as they grow. Students in preschool through 2nd grade are exposed to opportunities and experiences that pave the way for their continued success. Learn more about Early Learning in NUSD.

English Learners (EL)

There are many programs and services to help students who do not speak, read, write or understand English well as a result of English not being their home language. The overall goal of the various programs is to improve the English language skills of English Learner students, Immigrant students, Migrant students and provide information to their parents about services available.

Learn more about the EL programs and services available in NUSD.

Gifted & Talented Education (GATE)

The California Department of Education (CDE) administers the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program, which provides funding for local educational agencies (LEAs) to develop unique education opportunities for high-achieving and underachieving pupils in the California public elementary and secondary schools. Each school district’s governing board determines the criteria it will use to identify students for participation in the GATE program. Categories for identification may include one or more of the following: intellectual, creative, specific academic, or leadership ability; high achievement; performing and visual arts talent; or any other criterion that meets the standards set forth by the State Board of Education (SBE). Learn more about GATE in NUSD.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department recruits, hires, trains, and retains high quality staff who are committed, collaborative, caring, and exemplary. Visit the Human Resources webpage to learn more.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

For students aged 3-19. IB programmes challenge students to excel in their studies, and encourage both personal and academic achievement. IB learners strive to become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, openminded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. These attributes represent a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond intellectual development and academic success. This is the IB’s educational philosophy. Learn more about IB in NUSD:

International Baccalaureate 

Math Placement Policy

The California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 requires school districts that serve pupils entering grade nine and that have not already done so to adopt “a fair, objective, and transparent mathematics placement policy” before the beginning of the 2016–17 school year. The mathematics placement policy must be adopted in a regularly scheduled public meeting. Learn more about the math placement policy adopted in NUSD.

NUSD Course Catalog for Secondary Schools

In a continuing effort to support parents and students, NUSD has developed a districtwide course catalog. This course catalog provides some basic information about our district, college and career readiness, parent resources, student programs and finally a list of courses offered amongst our high schools.

Learn more about NUSD’s Course Catalog.

Research and Data

The Research and Data Department manages student information systems, assessments, surveys, reports, and registration/enrollment for new students. Our five priorities below detail our work and resources available to our students, staff, and community.

Staff Development & Training

Professional Development for NUSD staff is offered and tracked via MyNUSD Portal. Please log in to the portal to review and sign up for trainings.

Staff Resources

Staff resources for Natomas Unified School District employees.

Student Services and Support

Student Services and Support covers Special Education, 504 Plan, Foster Youth, Homeless Youth, Student Services, Health and Wellness, and Social Emotional Support Services. Learn more about the SSS department.

Summer Programs

Natomas Unified School District offers Summer School to provide increase access, opportunity and time to ensure our students remain on track for college and career readiness.

Support to Schools

Parents, guardians and students are encouraged to explore their school’s personalized digital backpack. Each school’s digital backpack will be updated throughout the school year as information and resources become available.

Angela Herrera, Chief Academic Officer, (916) 567-5444
Carley Borrelli, Coordinator III

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