Principals Corner

Principal Heather Gohn

Heather Gohn will be the next principal of Paso Verde School. She was selected recently to replace founding principal Tonja Jarrell, who was promoted to another position at the Natomas Unified School District Education Center. Gohn will create a natural transition within the school community since she has been a part of the PVS family as a classroom teacher since 2017. “I know the parents, the staff, and most importantly, the scholars. As a Proud Puma and a founding faculty member, I know where PVS has been and where we want to go,” she excitedly shared. “I want to use my gifts and knowledge to continue the work we have started while dedicating myself to evolve as a leader supporting the growth of our school community.”

Before joining the PVS family, Gohn worked as a classroom teacher and teacher on special assignment at Bannon Creek School for five years and prior to that a teacher and director at a school in Reseda, California. Excelling in school wasn’t always the case when she was in grade school. “When I was a child, I struggled badly in school.  In 6th grade, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I continued to struggle in school until I had that one teacher who took the time to get to know me as a student and as a person. That teacher changed my trajectory. I went from doing “ok” in school to graduating with honors.” Through her experience, she learned how teachers can change a child’s life, and it became the reason why she got into education.

She was influenced by the diverse community of San Fernando Valley where she learned at an early age that people have different perspectives because of their home environment and culture.  That lesson remains with her today and has contributed to her ability to be an open-minded adult.

Gohn has a Bachelor of Science from Western Pacific in Portland, Oregon and a Masters in Teaching from National University. She was selected Teacher of the Year for the Natomas Unified School District in 2017.

She loves spending time with her husband Kyle, daughter CJ, son Johnny, and their dogs, especially her COVID puppy Dutch. Together, they experience such adventures as hiking, traveling, rafting, snowboarding, and just about any outdoor activity they can find.