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Safe Haven School - Natomas Unified School District

We want all NUSD students to know they are safe and welcome, so the Board of Trustees has declared the district a safe haven committed to acting within legal bounds to protect students and families threatened by hate crimes or deportation based on immigration status.

Passed unanimously on February 8, 2017, the resolution is consistent with existing Board-approved commitments that all students have a right to attend public schools and receive equal access to educational programs, diversity is a strength, parent participation is encouraged, and that a key District goal is to create safe and welcoming learning environments.

Our resolution calls for NUSD to act within legal bounds to prevent and mitigate the collection of information about immigration status, the disclosure of such information, and to support students if immigration enforcement authorities seek to visit a school to interrogate or take a child into custody.

NUSD is one of the most diverse school districts in the United States – 30 percent of our students speak more than one language – and this safe haven resolution is consistent with our Core Values.

Other California school districts also have declared themselves safe havens. Former State Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlarkson encouraged such action, noting that a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decision requires schools to enroll all eligible children regardless of immigration status.

Every NUSD student is a valuable part of our district family, and providing an engaging and safe learning community where all students will demonstrate responsibility, achieve academic and social-emotional growth, embrace diversity, and are prepared to make decisions about their college and career success is NUSD’s mission, regardless of immigration status. 



Lisset Mijares, Coordinator
(916) 567-5828

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