Seeking Parent Input on NUSD’s 18 Month Learning Recovery Plan

--- Published on January 20th 2021 ---
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Good Afternoon, 

We know that during this global pandemic, our students have been impacted academically, emotionally and physically. You may have heard that we are working on an 18-month plan to support students who have experienced some sort of learning disruption as we have been in distance learning. We are looking to take 18 months because it would be unrealistic to think that either students, teachers or families want to spend 5-6 days a week addressing learning disruption. Eighteen months paces the work so all involved can meet the students’ needs and have better work-life balance as this pandemic dwindles. Once the pandemic is done, we will have spent enough time on Zooms, behind computer screens, and in our houses. This is a proactive plan, getting ahead of our return to in-person learning.  We have identified a district average of 13% of our students that need to have their learning disruption addressed. And, we are here to help them. This plan will initially focus more on virtual settings and smaller group cohorts in the earlier months, and as we are able, will start to expand to more broad in-person activities as allowed. 

How have our students been identified? We’ve used a variety of data points to identify students who could benefit from more targeted support. Site leaders have worked with our site staff to get feedback on our students and what supports they need. The plan may include a combination site-based plans and centralized actions. We will be sharing more information on the specifics of the plan in the coming weeks. 

Now we need your input. You have spent the last 11 months co-educating your students. Your input is important to us. Please take a few minutes to answer some questions that will help us move forward with our 18-month plan, as well as just check in with you on how things are going. 

As always, thank you for taking the time to let us hear from you.

Angela Herrera, Chief Academic Officer
Chris Evans, Superintendent