Parking Lot Safety Procedures

The following are some very important reminders to help make our school drop off and pick up times as safe and time efficient as possible.

Student Safety is always our first priority

  • Please drive slowly and be cautious of students or adults when driving anywhere near our school.  The amount of time one might save from driving fast is very insignificant and could result in serious injury.
  • Follow the flow of traffic for our parking lot as noted by the arrows on our map.
  • Please be sure to drop off and pick up your child only at our yellow curbs in our parking lot, in a specified parking space or non-painted sidewalk curb surrounding our school. NEVER DOUBLE-PARK AND HAVE YOUR CHILD EXIT OR ENTER YOUR VEHICLE.
  • Parking at our yellow or red curbs is not allowed. You may wait in your vehicle for your child to come to you but you may not leave your vehicle parked along our yellow or red curbs.
  • Do not enter our bus loop.  The bus loop is for our buses and daycare vans only.
  • Do not make any u-turns on the street surrounding our school specifically along West River Drive. This street is marked with a middle lane with a double line.