Changes to the Schedule

Changes to the Schedule:

PE-there will be 2 days of PE during the week

Library- students will visit the library 1 day a week and may check out a book as long as they have returned their permission slip (first time check out) and/or have brought their book back from the previous. Once we begin Accelerated Reader (usually 2nd trimester) students will only be able to check out books at their level (students will know it as the red or blue sticker books) and take a quiz about their book to try and earn points towards an AR award.

Buddies: students will have buddies 1 day a week with Mrs. Kaump’s 4th grade class. During this 30-35 minute time period students will interact with their buddy to do various activities (ex: reading a story, art, writing, etc).

Assemblies: TBD I will post on our front door if we will not be at the classroom and list our location for you.